2010-11-18 11:42:44 by HOTDESIGNS

I think some interesting things that happen.
1. If I send drawings sensual / Hentai / Erotic some people criticize, but others no. There are people who only live here criticizing me for the drawings.

2. Now, when I send a drawing seriously, almost nobody comments. Where are my critics now?
They are not critical. These are people who just want to disturb.

It's just something interesting to think about.

The world is full of people hypocrites.


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2010-11-18 18:52:03

I completely agree with you on that. Hate to say it, but I am too, actually. lol

HOTDESIGNS responds:

Yeah buddy. It seems some people just want to criticize it for fun.
These people often say that we know not receive a critique, but They are ridiculous people who do not know the difference between constructive criticism and a simple critique; And I think
Those people who criticize Hentai drawings actually like to see, but are ashamed to take. Well, why I say that there are many people in this world HYPOCRITE.

thanks for your coment, friend.


2010-11-22 21:24:14

those peoples are just ignorants , i think your works are great and no obscene or explicits ,, and theres no point to criticize it cause being hentai ,, hentai is art

HOTDESIGNS responds:

Thanks buddy, I'm grateful too.
It pains me to know that there are still people like that ..But I will not stop doing my drawings; If these ignorant / hypocrites want to disturb, stay confortable ...