Entry #3


2011-01-19 18:27:38 by HOTDESIGNS

Does anyone know of any sites that buy Drawings?
Or contracting to draw?

I am in need of money and that would be a great help.
Please anyone who can help me...


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2011-02-04 00:14:08

well let me just say your a fantastic artist and i hope someone will recognize your talent

HOTDESIGNS responds:

Thanks, friend.


2011-02-14 12:12:27

Yes i believe deviantart do so, you sell your pieces as "prints" and or on t-shirts and other novalty mercindise. Hope this helps.
If i come by any over sites i will let you know
Love your work its awsome so you are bound to go somewhere with it
Good luck.

HOTDESIGNS responds:

Thank you very much, friend.


2011-04-04 06:40:22

dude please make more art please