2011-01-19 18:27:38 by HOTDESIGNS

Does anyone know of any sites that buy Drawings?
Or contracting to draw?

I am in need of money and that would be a great help.
Please anyone who can help me...


2010-11-18 11:42:44 by HOTDESIGNS

I think some interesting things that happen.
1. If I send drawings sensual / Hentai / Erotic some people criticize, but others no. There are people who only live here criticizing me for the drawings.

2. Now, when I send a drawing seriously, almost nobody comments. Where are my critics now?
They are not critical. These are people who just want to disturb.

It's just something interesting to think about.

The world is full of people hypocrites.

How do I send my drawings?

2010-08-29 15:43:53 by HOTDESIGNS

How do I send my drawings?
I sent my drawings to two weeks ...but so far they have not been approved!
Were not seen by anyone and did not receive coments.....

What has to be done here?
please someone help me!
mmm....but someone will be able to read this?